A secret Batman-like signal to yourself & the world…

Your Jewelry
Can Be Your

… so each day, you get to choose your own adventure.

Here at Anahita you can choose your piece for its beauty, or you can choose it for the meaning it inspires in you.

Here — you are a seeker of the treasure that echoes your values. That intentionally celebrates your individuality & reflects your stance on the world.

So whether it’s a set of earrings that announces your ecstatic character. A necklace that states the enigma of your heart… Your jewelry can be much more than a fashion statement!

You can pick it to inspire how you want to feel on the day, or what Superpower you need to activate in yourself to get the results you want…

That way – your jewelry can be your personal Batman signal to yourself and the world.

Dive into the treasure box and

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Just let yourself be won over by the pull of beauty. Because, beauty is in the heart of the beholder. Beauty, can speak the deepest truth IF we let it. Discover a piece for you from the full collection of inspiration.

Or why not let the meaning you want to create in your life dictate what you

Choose from the Anahita Collections

How do you want to shine at this moment in your life? Look at the meaning each Collection holds in its design, then click to find the right piece for you, to activate the Superpower you need in your life at the moment. You’ll know the right jewelry when you see it — form affects mindset.


Only one of each piece, so when it’s gone, it’s truly gone.


Every piece is created & finished by me – one set of hands.

Details Matter

I pay attention to finish, wearability & ease of use.

All Natural

I aim to use natural materials, no chemical treatments or processing.

I have the privilege of owning several pieces of jewelry art from Anita.

There is one piece in particular that has gotten me through a rough time in my life by reminding me who I am and who I’m becoming. I would choose it very consciously on days that I needed a little extra reminder.

Jen-MG — Texas, USA

One of the best compliments for a lady is when you show up to an event with an unusual, unique set of earrings and necklace that you’ve chosen because it expresses YOU, to feel the silent admiring stares from guests. It’s not an ego thing – it validates I’ve chosen my jewelry to express my mood for the party. That’s how my favorite multicoloured earrings made me feel last night…

Victoria K. — Bulgaria

Of all the Anahita pieces I own, my favorite is the ring. It’s so different from anything I have purchased before and that’s why I like it so much. It sits perfectly on my finger and is so comfortable to wear. Everyone has certain colours they are drawn to for whatever reason. I do like something of beauty that is different from what everyone else is wearing.

Debbie P. — Gibraltar

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