“The way we choose to get to where we’re going, defines what it’s going to be like when we get there.” Seth Godin

Anita ChaperonThe more I experience life the more clear it becomes that there is no “end goal”, or “final destination”, or “one passion”, or a “magic bullet solution”, or a “knight in shining armour”.

What there is – is THE JOURNEY.

It’s the adventure of learning and living.

The discovery process.

The curiosity and following the “scent” of something you’re absolutely on fire about … right in this moment.

There is the following your gut.

There is the listening to the collective wisdom … taking it all in.

Find beauty and wonder in every moment. In every sun ray, flower petal, smile, sunset, wind blow, rain drop, kiss, sound, touch.

Smelling the music. Feeling the taste. Tasting the colours.

Every person you intercept is there to either teach how you want to be, or how you don’t.

Life has nothing beyond the journey you travel on each moment.

And the “knight in shining armour” – that’s YOU! All dressed up in your best gear!

Your journey is up to you.

Make no mistake about that.

BUT – then you must follow it with the DOING. The taking ACTION to the next step, and the next.

Don’t waste the one life-time waiting around for anything or anyone.

Because those who care, will catch up with you.

And the things that matter, will find you.


And that’s my mission in life – to inspire business owners – CREATORS like you, to take just that One Next Action towards the wellbeing and vitality you deserve. So you can enjoy your JOURNEY more and for longer. And so that you can continue to create the amazing change in those you choose to serve.

I’m a Solutions Catalyst for your wellbeing.

I help figure out the right solution to whatever wellbeing issue you want to resolve.

My approach is unique in the way that it allows you to transpose your business know-how to becoming the CEO of the business of you.


And if you’re still HERE reading this, you’ll probably notice two more things:

– there’s no other content here;
– and the stuff you just read, is highly transparent and naked-to-the-soul personal.

Both by design.

The first — in the interest to keep things very simple. So you’ll only find my thoughts at TinyLittleBusinesses.com — where me and my smart, kind and talented hubby help entrepreneurs level up in business as in their wellbeing – so that they can enjoy both for as long as possible on their own terms.

We believe that business and life are woven from the same 24 hours. And because both are very dear to us, we also believe in nourishing both in tandem. All entrepreneurial dissatisfaction and dissonance spawns from separating one from the other…

We experience everything we share with our tribe of CREATORS. We live what we teach. And teach that which we live through – right from inside the proverbial business trenches and battlefields.


The soul-baring transparency is a result of a conscious commitment to be true to myself, and to the people I serve. My absolute belief is that each of us has the strength, drive, and resources to thrive in business and in health. We just need the right nudge at the right time, in a way that lights a fire we can’t ignore.

My passions: problem solving AND learning (and I haven’t yet decided in which order). I wish I could narrow those down for you, but I’ve learned that I like to operate broad – and that’s where I’m at my strongest.

I can see the wood AND the trees, and I get excited when challenged with making things simple.

I post bio-upgrades intended to serve you as that “fire you can’t ignore” at our TinyLittleBusinesses blog.

And my entry level training is just about ready to come out.

I’m super excited about opening the doors publicly, because this one will be a game changer for the health of the people who choose to come on board.

It’s a training you do once, and use for life. It’s only for people who truly want to take their health into their own hands – just like they run their business.

It’s time we – as patients – took back responsibility for our own health. But more importantly: it’s time we defined our own terms of engagement for how good we want to feel in this journey called LIFE.

Follow the scent if this makes sense (or if you’re just curious ;o)

“It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” — Antoine De Saint-ExupĂ©ry

BE you to BE happy.

Anita Chaperon

Anita :o)
(Solutions Catalyst)