Hey – do you…

… consistently get a buzz out of what you do and how you live each day?

Do you show up with intention, energy, focus, and clarity for what you want to achieve?

Do you know your ‘inner machinery’ and how to leverage its best (and worst)?

Do your friends and loved ones get the best of who you are when you’re with them?

Anita Chaperon

Here’s the catch: in my experience in business and with clients, I’ve learned that most of us have enough how-to-succeed info to fuel a lifetime… we know how to ‘hustle’… and we’re giving it our all.

Yet we’re losing our souls (and minds and bodies) in the process, and we often find ourselves lonely, on the receiving end of our brutal self-criticism, elusive success aspirations, and time-poor repetitive cycles we willingly (and mostly unconsciously) perpetuate.

Yep! Being smart, driven, informed, and hard working is no longer the ‘secret sauce’ to successfully changing the mindsets, behaviors, or beliefs that no longer serve you – so that you love waking up each day.

You also have to know how to stay sane and keep an eye on what REALLY matters IF you’re to last the journey to create the value, meaning, and change you seek to affect through your work.

The strongest, most satisfied amongst us learn to understand, respect,
and care for ourselves as if our life depended on it… because we know it does.

Hey, I’m Anita; I use bespoke coaching paired with unique strategies and tools to help driven individuals discover and understand their essential relevant personal traits (how and why they do what they do when they do it). I also show them how to leverage those traits to intentionally style their life to live with more presence, purpose, joy, and in alignment with their core values.

Because understanding your M.O. (how and why you do what you do) allows you to re-wire how you show up at your best and worst. This, coupled with knowing your Core Value Drivers (your true North), creates a powerful, fertile ground to design a Self and a Life you can be proud of AND love waking up to.

This type of alignment creates the presence and joy we all seek as humans.

Freeing up precious ‘processing power’ for doing your best work. And allowing you the space in which you can re-discover and re-connect with the meaning of what you do at work, at home, and at play.

So – If You Feel You’re Leaving Something on the Table

and your work, life, or play could bring you more meaning, depth, and enjoyment. Maybe it’s time for you to discover your natural M.O. and the Core Values that drive how you show up in alignment with who you want to be for yourself and your people.

P.S. Stay curious. Never lose your colour & shine…