Hey – I’m Anita,

Anita Chaperon

… (as you’d expect looking at the domain name you’re on).

What may be a little less expected is to find that at this moment in my life, I’m head-over-heels focusing on the Self-Design Matrix, where I aim to create a different world for lifestyle and solo entrepreneurs to bring that elusive work-life-play balance into their daily reality.

Not in the conventional grit, hustle, and rigidly structured way we’re mostly herded into, by popular business advice at the moment.

But by doing the work to discover what makes you tick or stick. To understand why you do what you do, and how. And through that set of your natural traits inventory, to learn to masterfully create the lifestyle business reality you want to live out each day. 

That way, you can feel engaged with true purpose and joy for the work you do, while also enjoying your family, freedom, and everything else that makes you feel alive.

Naturally, you’d be here for any number of different reasons: But if the proposition above seems appropriate for you at this moment – then you may be ready to enter the Matrix (always wanted to say that).

In that case – here’s the ‘door’ – you know what to do next:

See you on the other side ;o)

P.S. Stay curious. Never lose your colour & shine…