Hey I’m Anita

I use bespoke coaching, strategies and tools to help driven individuals discover and understand their unique personal traits (how and why they do what they do). I show them how to leverage those traits to intentionally style their life to live with more presence, joy, and in alignment with their core values.
Anita Chaperon

Understanding your M.O. (modus operandi) and getting clear on your core value drivers is my answer and approach to helping you re-discover and re-connect with the meaning of what you do at work, at home and at play.

Because knowing how you are at your best, and how to style your life in alignment with that, activates your presence and allows you to enjoy the fruits of the relentless labour you put into each day.

The strongest most satisfied players of life learn to know, respect,
and care for themselves the way they would care for their best friend.

In my experience in my business and with clients, I’ve learned that most of us have enough how-to-succeed info to fuel a lifetime… we know how to grind it out… and we’re giving it our all, but we’re loosing our souls (and minds, and bodies) in the process, and we often find ourselves on the receiving end of our self criticism, elusive success aspirations, and time-poor repetitive cycles we willingly perpetuate.

Being driven, informed, and hard working is no longer the secret sauce.

You also have to know how to stay sane and keep an eye on what REALLY matters – the value you create and the meaning you embody.

Discover & Employ Your M.O. Joy!

Through the work I share here, and when we work together in person, I’ll show you how to get to know who you are at your best and where you go to when you’re at your worst. To understand not just how you do things well and most in flow, but also why, and how to quickly leverage each trait to the benefit of the goal you’re aiming at.

That’s you getting clarity on your most important ‘asset’ – your mind. Which in turn allows you to cultivate compassion for yourself (because you understand the mechanism).

Combined – clarity & compassion will allow you to take full responsibility for how you show up and how you experience your world. It puts you in control of the Business of YOU.

Because you can’t take responsibility without first having clarity and understanding yourself enough to act with compassion for yourself.

That’s when time slows down and you find yourself present enough
to style how you experience your life.

It’s not taking the easy route – it’s choosing the path to enjoying the journey with gusto!

It’s choosing to play consciously, with skin fully into the game. That’s hard! That’s why most people don’t take that path…

So do you?…

… Do you consistently get a buzz out of what you do and how you live each day?

Do you show up with intention, enough energy, clarity, focus and drive for what you want to achieve?

Do you know your ‘machinery’ and how to leverage its best (and worst)?

Find Your M.O. Joy

If you feel you’re leaving something on the ‘table’, and your work, life, or play could Bring you more meaning, depth and Enjoyment – maybe it’s time you discover your natural m.o. and the core values that drive your best.

If, however, you need to get a little more of a feel for my style – check out my written work here, and signup to get actionable, unintrusive alerts when I next hit the publish button :o)

Either way please use what you find here to your betterment :o)

This site facilitates my mission – to take the sexy mind-blowing info we get excited about, and make it actionable. To close the gap between wishful magic wand waving, and actually living the promised results. So you know not only how to make shift happen your way, but also how to keep it for as long as you wish.

P.S. Stay curious. Never lose your colour & shine…