So - you want the help of a Personal Change Catalyst?

… a personal change what? 

Yes – I know… it sounds a little ‘get-outta-here‘, but it’s exactly what it says on the ‘tin‘. 

I can help you figure out most personal change challenges you might want to meet for yourself, or a change you’ve wanted to make happen for some time – but seem to be stuck on for some reason.

Here are the most significant (and some more light-hearted) reasons why you could trust me to catalyse your action-plan. And here are the ways you and I can make shift happen and get you to experience that new behavior, way of being, or mind-state you’ve been wanting for yourself.

My mission is to help you realise that taking care of yourself IS and MUST be a priority for you. That finding a way to show up how YOU want to show up in the world, can be fun, beautiful and simple.

And it can't wait for "the stars to align" or for your "schedule to be less busy".

The "right time" is right now!
You can start that change with just one tiny little action - the one that seems
most urgent for you at the moment. The rest will almost literally take care of itself.

If you’re coming here from the “Start Here” page – you’d already know the three choices you are free to make – below are some more details to consider for each option. 

If you came here directly, by all means check out the options below, but it would really serve you better if you read the “Start Here” page first (to get the fuller picture). 

And if you’ve been with me for some time, and you’re now shifting gears – thank you for your attention – and I’m glad to see shift is happening :o)

But I’m getting wordy now, so here’s the info you came here for:

Option 1: Done By You (DBY)

  • If you like or have to do things your way and at your own pace by yourself.
  • If you want an immediate start – either because of curiosity or circumstances.
  • If you have some trepidation about what you’re seeing here, and just want to give it a go as a trial, before having to actually engage.
  • If you’re capable of moving yourself through this type of material on your own.
  • It’s free – in terms of cost and time limitations (btw, this can also be a negative thing).

THEN – you should start by studying one of my main tools (which is very powerful even if not all encompassing). And use the buffet of Action Ideas I have curated and evolved from my practices and experience. 

Use as many as you need to. The site is your ‘oyster‘ :o) (especially if you like oysters…)

A few years ago I was having chronic issues with my neck. My GP said nothing could be done about it. Luckily I spoke to Anita who educated me significantly on the topic of health. We went through a series of steps to fine-tune what I eat to understand how my body functions best.

It led to a life-changing switch from lethargy and pain to increased energy and full movement. I will never look at ‘food’ the same way, and I now have a much better understanding of how my body reacts to different inputs.
James Schramko

Option 2: Done With Others (DWO) - Action Lab

  • Be a part of a small (5 people) cohort for an intense 2 hour session geared to get you going or unstuck there and then. 
  • This will work for you if you prefer a group-style experience; 
  • If you appreciate the exponential experience-derived wisdom a cohort workshop can provide;
  • If you thrive on the energy like-minded people create and hold for you (and you for them, of course).

You will be required to pre-prepare some of the information we’ll use in the session. So we can hit the ground running‘ in the 2 intense hours with me and the group of other carefully vetted individuals, who like you, are there to figure out how to get into action.

In this option you get to draw on my full set of tools and broad spectrum knowledge as a problem-solving catalyst.

You also get to participate and help the other people in that cohort, as will they be able to contribute to your activation.

This is just shy of a private 1-2-1 session with me, with ample individual attention (but not 100% of course), and at a hefty 33% discount from my private hourly rates.

Each Action Lab is $400 per person. However the session is for 5 people minimum. If you know of a group and you want me to facilitate a session for you – email me and we can make sure you’re happy with the setup and the topics.

Option 3: Done With You (DWY)

  • If you prefer or feel you need my focused attention along with my full set of tools and broad experience and knowledge;
  • I say ‘need’ because these sessions are suitable for dislodging something you’ve been stuck on for a while – and you may need a different perspective, approach, set of brains and eyes…
  • You may also need a quick and or impromptu intervention – someone to explore your best options with, about a shift you’re ready to make. 
  • Or if you are serious about making a shift, and you know the value of having someone in your corner with the right set of tools and knowledge to help you each phase on the way. A consultant of sorts.

This option’s structure, duration and hence cost, will depend entirely on what you come to me with

You could just go for the 1 hour, 1-2-1 session @ $300. Then expand that if you want or need to.

Or if you’re not sure what it will take to make a shift, before either of us commit, we will do an exploratory 30 min call. This is paid, but its cost will be deducted from any overall cost we agree on, should you decide to go ahead with further sessions.

That way you can be sure that you’d like working with me and my style/approach is ok for you (I’m not everyone’s cup of tea). And that I bring the same A-game I bring to all my sessions. So if we could get you moving in 30 min you won’t need to come back and spend more time or money with me.

Because a massive signal for me is to help you find your solution and get you making the shift you want, as fast as possible. That’s why the pre-consult is not free – free pre-consults are rarely useful, because they’re predicated on ‘getting‘ your business.

I’ll need you to do the same pre-prep work I’d have any of my clients do, BEFORE we meet. That way you’ll get any actionable feedback I can possibly give you

The only thing that will remain from there on, is to see if your particular vision needs more time, and deconstruction to make it a reality. But you can decide for yourself later – there are no strings attached.

See session availability and book at the links below:

Sidenote: This isn’t a sales tactic: I just have to let you know that I only have capacity to work with 10 people at any one time. If you can’t seem to find an available spot, email me to check when a spot will become free.

So now – it’s back over to you. If you know what you want, click on the option above and book yourself in.

If you’re unsure or have unanswered questionsfeel free to email me.

Either way – you know what I’ll say to you: don’t leave here without at least a minute decision for an action that will take you closer to your desired shift. 

This is the most powerful trait to becoming the CEO of the Business of YOU!

And thank you for taking the time.

My story is a journey, not a destination; I am still very much on the road!

Diagnosed coeliac 8 years ago, I embarked on a gluten-free diet, and a LOT of reading - especially as my symptoms improved but didn't go away. A chance conversation with Anita about "what was the most wrong?" and a questionnaire from her brought into focus the continuing digestive issues, and have led me to deep exploration of processed vs unprocessed, organic vs intensive, cooking vs "bought-in", and ultimately, the confidence to start trusting my instincts and own observations about my family's and my food, what works and what doesn't.

Anita gave me more confidence around investigating for myself, and is always available to guide when it comes to the right external practitioners or advisors; it appears most of the things I think may be a good idea have already occurred to Anita - and she tends to also know someone who can help!

Years ago as a kid reading my horoscope daily, I realised that the real (maybe only) worth in horoscopes is that they give the reader an excuse to think about their own needs for just a few minutes a day. Anita's approach to personal health helped me give myself permission to take more responsibility for my - and by extension my family's - health, when it comes to nutrition. Her small interventions with me have helped me do the same for my loved ones, and we're all healthier and happier for it. Thanks Anita!
Phil M
Business Owner

Anita  :o)

P.S. Never lose your colour & shine…