Hey — it’s Anita here – your host :o)

This page should actually be called:

Here's how to start right NOW.

… if I could skip the small talk and get right to the bits you should seek to get from your time here.

Because everything in this space aims to inspire and enable you to take action towards the positive changes you want to make for yourself and your life.

Say you’ve wanted to create a new habit, to change an existing behavior, or simply to feel more or less of a certain mind-state

Or, you’ve ever got excited by some sexy-bit-o-info/tool/concept, and you could see how good it’ll be for you, BUT you struggled to bridge the chasm between that vision and the results it promised…

Or, you’re constantly weighed down by feeling that you should (and you could) live in a better, healthier, calmer, happier [fill in your aspiration here] state…

Yet for some reason you just couldn’t make the shift in any permanent shape.

If any (or all) of these are you – then let this space be the catalyst to changing those past patterns.

How FAST and how EASY that change happens for you, will depend on the magic triad of
Quantity + Potency + Novelty

The Magic triad.

Quantity – how much time, attention and emotion you’re willing AND able to put in (on a scale of 1 –> 10)?

Potency – how urgent this change is AND feels for you right now?

Novelty – how much you believe you’re capable of achieving AND the perceived value of the reward you get from doing the new thing?

Making effective behavior changes (or any changes for that matter), doesn't depend on how much motivation you can muster-up each time.

It’s NOT about how many reps you put in (contrary to what you’ve been lead to believe about habit formation and mastery). 

And it’s not guaranteed by the quality or quantity of the coaches you have the good fortune to engage with.

These are all important, but they’re not fundamentals that YOU can control!

The Q+P+N trio are the elements you want to tinker with to create the results you want

Once you know the formula, and you know how to leverage your natural success algorithms (your natural way of making shift happen), the rest of the game becomes plug-n-play.

Now – anything you want to create or change in the way you behave, think, or feel, becomes just a matter of how you construct your recipe – the script you write for yourself.

It’s no longer a guessing game. 

You’re no longer at the whim of external factors you can’t control. And you don’t have to wait for yours (or anyone else’s) stars to align

You're ready as soon as you decide!

… picture this – pick one of your most recently desired changes you wanted to make. Something that’s still top-of-mind for you:

Now – imagine you had enough time/money/guidance to implement it;

–> You knew specifically what to do and how to make it happen;

–> It was non-negotiable for you – you get no other chance to try;

–> You knew you couldn’t fail! AND

–> You absolutely felt awesome each time you put in the practice rep…

Would you succeed at making that want a reality?

Let’s just say I’ve not heard anyone give me a negative response here yet :o)

To be clear – I’m not implying this will happen by magic, and without active effort on your part. It’ll just seem that way. How many hard days of graft do you think Homer Simpson had to put into creating his solid beer habit?

Your three options.

OK – so I don’t expect you to blindly believe me – just because I sound convincing. You can try what I’m talking about and decide for yourself – because the proof is in the doing – in taking action.

  1. You can either do it on your own, if you like to set your own pace and have the agency to move yourself through.
  2. Or you can join a small (5-10 people) cohort for an intense session geared to get you going or unstuck there and then. This will also work for you if you prefer a group-style experience, you appreciate the exponential wisdom a cohort can provide, and you thrive on the energy like-minded people create and hold for you (and you for them, of course).
  3. And if you want the focused, uniquely tailored, 1:2:1 experience, to create clarity and a specific path for your desired change, then I can work with you (if we’re a fit for each other) to facilitate your process.

For path 1 – please explore the full method here – that will give you a formula to work with. Then you could pick an action to focus your intention (attention + intent) on from the “buffet” here ;o)

If paths 2 or 3 appeal to you more – then here’s how you can engage with them on your terms.

Shall we?

Whatever you decide, know that one path is not THE path for every problem and for all of time.

You can and should try one, then change your mind. Or try one, then add another to make a cocktail… tailor your solution to the situation at hand, to your desired outcome, and your current mindset.

Either way – this change you just can’t seem to make stick – if that’s important/urgent enough for you, don’t leave here without a decision that takes you one the path to getting a different result.

THINK: What's the ONE simplest, quickest or easiest thing you could do NOW to move you closer to your desired outcome?

Then pick a method to stay in touch (see the available options in the top right corner and the footer). Let me be the catalyst for your personal change, and if there’s an answer that’s missing above, or there’s something you’re unsure of – let me know.

Now – over to you.

Anita  :o)

P.S. Never lose your colour & shine…