Hey, I’m Anita — the human behind everything you’ll see here :o)

I help busy, driven individualsto find their bespoke formula for how they show up at their best each day. I coach them to use this knowledge to get out of their own way, intentionally creating the personal and professional life they desire.

And since you made it here, let me ask you this:
Anita Chaperon

Are you showing up the way you want to each day?

Do you feel you constantly get in your ownway? Do you long to find a path forward and past this phase that seems to have been here forever?

I know the feeling and it’s subtle nuances.

I know the sticky, sinking drag of waking up with the same longing every day. Searching for a solution. Sometimes finding something that will move the needle a little, but not for long.

You’re driven, you make consistent progress for others perhaps. But your 24hrs are always too busy to prioritise you! Your ‘stuff’ always gets squeezed out of your schedule somehow.

It’s frustrating that it’s the same sh1t, but on yet another day!

This nagging feeling is a constant energy leak, because you know you can do better.

You could show up with more energy. Have more focus for longer. You could feel more joy out of the things you do. You could do more for the people you’re passionate about… If only you could find a way.

But maybe you’ve been here for so long that it’s overwhelming to just think about the options?

And even then, it’s about figuring out where to start. Whom to trust? How to fit it in your current life context – the mere 24 hrs you have to play with (actually just 16 – if you factor in sleep – one of the fundamentals of a stable being).

Now – you and I know there are greatsolutions out there. It’s highly likely you’ve tried a few.

They’re all technically great, but they neglect the fundamental requirement for any successful (and lasting) self transformation – self understanding. Becauseone size never fits everyone, forever.

It’s the difference between buying a tailored suite from Amazon, and going down to a Saville Row tailor, getting things measured with care, and considering your personal taste and reasons for getting the suite made, and then letting them do their magic.

It’s not hard to imagine which of the two will turn out better…

When it comes to self-change, this self understanding is even more critical, because the chain of change has to go through sequential stages:

self understanding → identity → behaviors → feelings

Each stage defines the next when you’re looking to show up intentionally and consistently as your best self. So the only way to the results you want, is through doing the inner work – getting to know what you’re made of.

Here’s how we’ll get you the results you desire.

Now – that’s exactly what I do for the clients I work with. We use frameworks to find out how you already make shift happen – your naturally built-in traits. We construct a strategy for you to leverage each of your super-powers to make your journey more effortless (because you already do things successfully in a certain way).

And then, I stand in your corner – coaching you on honing your bespoke formula – the most efficient and effective way to becoming your best self. So you can honour how you want to show up each day.

The beauty of this approach is that you find a framework that is evergreen, and will help you adapt to what you need at each stage of transformation. It’s a way of moving through life with purpose and fluidity, so you can be, do, and feelas great as you know you can.

It’s an intense active process that allows my clients to leverage my 15+ years of broad-spectrum experience in wellbeing, behaviour change, and mental resilience. Experience earned and honed in the trenches – with myself (first and always – I do what I talk about), with my family, friends and my clients.

That’s the other big hairy monster I will help you slay – the informationoverwhelm mixed with a hefty dose of will-it-won’t-it work this time around. It’s understandable – there’s so much information out there and so many experts with their opinions. It’s near impossible to decide who’s worth listening to. I’m here to create clarity from the clutter. We focus on your goals as a team :o)

Naturally that means I can only work with a limited few clients at a time. And this is what I can offer you here.

If you feel you are ready to make shift happen the right way for YOU, book an exploratory call so we can see if we’d make a good team.

Alternatively – some of my best methods and materials are on my blog. Maybe some of those will push the ‘button’ for you to get unstuck – to launch into forward motion and start a continuous chain of results for you.

If you just need a little extra nudge – let me show you a quick way to evaluate and leverage 3 change making traits in yourself. 3 bits of insight that will give you the potential to transform how you make shift happen for yourself.

I’m ok with either path you take – my belief is YOU know best. I’m just a Catalyst for your personal change.

Stay curious, and never lose your colour and shine :o)

Anita :o)

Anita Chaperon