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All Hand-Crafted

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Black Tourmaline, Agate & Gold Rutilated Quartz Earrings These were such a pleasure to create. and just came together as a design. Very sturdy and at the same time gracefully swaying: as if saying: Who me? Yes I am this awesome naturally!

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Gold Rutilated Quartz & Citrine Earrings

You have to watch the video of these to get a sense of why I’m so excited to share them with you. They just bring the sunshine through to your heart and make you smile!

This is the first time I’m focusing on my signature forever link. I call it that because it’s deceptively dainty looking, but boy is it strong. Just like us humans – we can handle so much more than we think we can. Which is why they’re also a part of the Abundance collection.

I hope these little rays will bring you more shine in your life. They move with such lightness – you’ll be able to wear them with pretty much anything. Daily :o)

OK – over to you now. If you decide to make them yours – enjoy and please share a picture with me on your favorite social space.

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Each Ray earring is about 6.5cm long.


Gemstones — Citrines and Gold Rutilated Quartz – each brilliantly individual in shape.
Base metal — gold-like brass. It's sturdy and light. Please take a look at the Care tips page for how to look after is to preserve it beautiful for as long as possible.

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Rays - Forever Link Earrings

1 in stock