Pearl Circle Hoops


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Celebrate the Beauty of YOU!

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Freshwater Pearl Hoops

*from the Go-Big Collection

Unapologetically rich-looking, powerfully feminine with a regal presence. BUT also sophisticated in a youthful way.

They say: I’m centred and earned my place in life. I’m not afraid to play. And the GIRL in me will always be here.

They say all this, while also implying – I’m the full circle – I’m the whole package, baby… And with 36 fresh water Pearls, you’ll feel like a queen. The queen of anything really – you pick – you’re in charge :o)

Pearls have always symbolised femininity and purity of presence. To me this design allows for individuality but with a tone of Royalty. Wearing pearls always makes me feel special.

The fun design allows you to wear them for any occasion. Mixed with denim brings class to your outfit. Mixed with a more official outfit will just make them shine even more.

What do they ‘say‘ to you?

Is there an occasion or situation in which you’d want to be seen that way? Is something holding you back from claiming that feeling?

Your jewellery is so much more than an accessory. It’s an intentional message to yourself firstly, and then to the world you interact with. It can be useful and generative for your self-compassion. It can be a covert expression of who you intend to show up as. In that way your jewellery can bring out that which you need the most at this time. Use that power well. It’s fun ;o)


Gemstones — 36 Freshwater pearls – range of white, ivory, and blush.
Base metal — Golden Brass. It looks just like 14K gold to start with and will wear pretty well.


5.8cm in diameter & 0.6cm in width when you look from the front.

They look heavy but are not: I’d say a little heavier than a std. set of earrings (est. 8g each).

Here are the most common ring sizes and their conversions across the main geographical regions.

If you don’t know the ring size you need, you could measure the circumference of your finger by using a piece of string. Wrap the string around your finger carefully without tightening or loosening it too much, and tie it in a knot. Cut the string anywhere else except on the knot. Then measure from one end of the cut to the other (across the knot). That’s your finger circumference to use to check up your size.

If you’re unsure – please contact me – I can help :o)

Your shipping is free on orders over $45. The free shipping includes worldwide tracked & signed-for standard shipping. I decided to do that just to make it simpler for your experience here.

If you would like expedited shipping via a courier, I can provide you with a separate estimate. Please email me via my contact page to let me know of your preferences.

All pieces are created with natural metals and stones, which makes them a little more vulnerable to their external environment. Please keep them away from all chemicals and acids (like perfumes, creams, or hand sanitizers – anything that you wouldn’t eat :o).

Ideally, store them in an enclosed pouch or box, as all metals react with air and water particles over time. You’ll receive your piece inside a plastic zip-lock pouch with an anti-tarnish strip inside for that reason (certainly not because it makes it attractive – sorry). If you can keep your pieces inside those – great.

But I know we have better things to do than to be super strict with storing our jewelry the right way, so when your favorites get a little less than perfect, here are a few quick & easy steps to refresh them:

  • You’ll receive a shining cloth that you can use to clean your piece with, from time to time. This is great for a quick clean. Use the cloth as is – DO NOT WET it please, as it will get ‘gummy’. It will clean pretty much all types of metal with moderate tarnish. It will last a while, so keep it – it’s a good tool to have on your side.
  • When cleaning your pieces – be careful – don’t be too harsh with the stones. These can move or break – so please be kind.
  • Should you need to clean copper with more serious tarnish: use a salt : vinegar : water paste in roughly 1:3:3 parts ratios. Immerse the pieces (try to avoid dipping the stones for too long), and gently scrub with a toothbrush into the more intricate areas. This is a fantastic cleaner for copper – also a great party trick :o)
  • To clean your gold-like brass pieces: use normal toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Coat the piece with the toothpaste gently (don’t use water yet, or maybe just a little if needed. Rub with the brush or massage in with your fingers. Wash the toothpaste off thoroughly within a minute, as the paste may start to harden, which makes it harder to get off afterward. Make sure you’ve got all the toothpaste out.