SOLD – Cannonballs! – Silver-Filled Drop Earrings

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SOLD: these beauties have now found a happy home with their human. As you know I make only one of everything, but please browse at the other unique pieces in the Anahita treasure-trove :o)

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Silver-Filled Drop Earrings with vintage Findings

Introducing my Cannonballs! drop earrings. And right out the gate -this shock alert: first time I’m not using semi-precious stones in one of my designs. That’s because the design made itself crystal clear to me right out the gate – it wanted me to juxtapose these glittery, frivolously playful beauties, with the strength of my signature Forever Link chain.

So, this is a cheeky (and you’ll see that my pun IS intended) take on the phrase ‘naughty-but-nice‘. The sparkles of the disco balls supported by the virtually unbreakable Forever Link chain. The essence of a strong human :o)

The vision I had for this design first manifested itself as the infamous shot of Miley Cyrus swinging freely on a cannonball!

So in the spirit of that scene (although the actual song has a different vibe) – I hope that if you get these, each time you put these babies on, you remember the forever bond between the nuances of a human character and how each one is useful and necessary. It’s useful to be playful and a disco Queen. But it’s important to keep your values and integrity aligned with what makes you truly shine – to keep the Forever Link with yourself.

They have a very easy movement about them. Very easy to wear and dance to the music in your heart. Let them lead you to live in your full colour and shine :o)

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Both earrings are 7cm long and 1cm at the widest point.


The base metal here is silver-filled, which has the colour of silver and will stay untarnished for a long time, but note – it is not solid silver.

The other elements are vintage findings that add sparkle to the overall look.

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SOLD - Cannonballs! - Silver-Filled Drop Earrings

1 in stock