Blue Maze – Weirdos Finger Crown Ring

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Adjustable Aquamarine Finger Crown Ring. These little guys can be stealth. You can wear one, or crown multiple fingers – no rules except yours!

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Adjustable Aquamarine Finger Crown Ring

I’d like to think I coined-in the term Crown Ring (sorry if you got there before me and I’m now just sliding into your fame…). They’re called that because they fit on the first part of your finger – as a crown. You can wear them with other normal rings to complete the look.

I love making and wearing these little Weirdos. I love making them because they lend themselves to endless nuance of expression. And because of that nuance – their beauty is very subjective.

You’d look at one of them and think – what is THAT! But then you’d look at another and immediately WANT IT! Which is why I’m not ashamed to invite you to look at all of the Weirdos collection.

Did you know that rings are the most visible of the Jewelry self-expression totems? 

They are fun and playful and IMHO, the perfect Trojan Horse-like message to yourself or others ;o)

These little guys can be stealth. You can wear one, or crown multiple fingers – no rules except yours!

Some are with stones, some without. Some wear their namesake on their face, others leave things to interpretation. The unspoken rules of engagement are the same as with everything in the Anahita brand – wear it as you mean it! Meaning – whatever message you GET when you see and connect with your chosen finger crown – that’s the intent it can help you focus on.

The rest is up to you. And as usual – these are like my babies – I’d love to see photos on your favorite Socials of how you wear them :o)

Additional information


– internal diameter approximately 14.5mm. Please see my Sizing page for details on how to calculate if that will fit you. Consider the ring is adjustable within 2mm either way (smaller or larger).
– the face part of the ring with the stone is 18.5mm high and 12.8mm wide.


Gold-like brass. Resilient and beautiful to look at. It may tarnish over time. Please see the care instructions to make sure it's beauty last as long as possible.

Peacefully cheeky Aquamarine semi-precious stone.

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Blue Maze - Weirdos Finger Crown Ring

1 in stock