Anita Chaperon

Hey – I’m Anita

The heart and hands behind the one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pieces of the “Anahita” collections.

Here, each piece is a celebration of your individuality, crafted to inspire you to embrace and express your authentic self – to take up your rightful space in the world. Because each day, you have the opportunity to express how you choose to show up for yourself and others. With each action you take – you make an unspoken statement.

Your jewelry too, is an expression of you!

It’s much more than an accessory, a fashion, or a status statement. It’s a declaration of how you do YOU. A subtle yet powerful statement about your inner world.

The beauty of your jewelry is highly subjective, of course. Each is a whisper of creativity, not designed for the masses, but a chance to celebrate, reflect, honour, and reward moments in your life-journey that hold meaning.

In that way – a piece can be about discovery and personal connection. A chapter of a story; an element of a conversation; a companion on your personal path. A reminder that’s with you when you choose to wear it.

Why “Anahita”?

I chose this name because it’s my name, but also because Anahita is an ancient Persian deity of water. And water is the ultimate embodiment of fluidity.

Fluidity is the ultimate life skill we can learn (and one of my top three core value drivers) that can alleviate life’s friction and allow us to live a more enjoyable, meaningful, and nourishing life.

Similarly, in the context of the jewelry art you’ll find here, Anahita stands for fluidity, strength, creativity, and uniqueness.

In this spirit, each piece is one-of-a-kind, just like the uniqueness of its future wearer.


I craft with irregular natural stones and metals, blending various jewelry-making styles in a symphony of cross-pollinated ideas. I don’t use chemicals or soldering. This makes each design the expression of overcoming a creative challenge – kinda’ like being adaptable and going with what flows.

I use natural and recyclable packaging materials – it’s my little contribution to helping our planet cope.

As you peruse my collections, remember each piece’s individual journey and its potential to align with yours.

Whether it’s a set of earrings that seem to echo your brightness of character, or a bracelet that mirrors the strength in your stride, at Anahita, you’re not just choosing jewelry. Here, you’re not merely a customer; you’re a seeker of pieces that echo your journey and celebrate your individuality.

So take this moment to explore, to connect, to feel. Let your intuition be your guide in this space where creativity and individuality converge.

When you find a piece that speaks to you and is still available, feel free to make it yours.

If you’re drawn to a piece in my Archives that’s already ‘met its match‘, contact me – we may be able to make you happy. I’m open to exploring how a similar piece can reflect your unique essence.

Either way – add yourself to my free notifications list.

Here’s to YOU!

P.S. Stay curious. Never lose your colour & shine…