Hey, I’m Anita

I coach driven individuals to unlock their full potential, intentionally creating the physical and mental reality they want.

We use bespoke coaching, strategies, and tools to discover their unique self-optimisation formula, so they can consistently be, do, and feel on top of their game, rekindling the joy of living a good life!

And seeing you’re here – let me ask you this:

Do you consistently get a buzz out of what you do and how you live each day?

Do you show up with intention to do your best that day?
With enough energy, clarity, focus and drive for what you want to achieve?

Or do you feel you’re not fully engaged?

Something’s missing…

There’s something more you’re still not getting out of life. The joy you used to get from what you did is elusive and transient.

Maybe you know exactly what’s wrong. Or maybe you’ve just got a vague notion.

Maybe you feel you’re the one standing in your own way? Or perhaps someone, something else is holding you stuck.

Either way – you just can’t escape the gravitational pull of your standard MO.

You work hard and give your all to make a difference and drive your business forward. It’s a good trait to have – this drive – to evolve and grow. To learn new things and keep at pace or ahead of the curve.

You’re managing it for the business, but somehow you can’t keep up with yourself. You know what you want to achieve, but your personal ‘gas tank‘ is running on fumes most days.

Because it’s hard to fit it all in.

When you’re highly driven and want a lot out of work and life, there’s naturally a lot to keep up in the air. You might have started out with simple steps. You got a few wins at first. You tried to add a few more, with less success. But before you knew it, this quick self-overhaul turned into a crusade… a full time job.

The momentum of the initial wins got hard to maintain and the path ahead is always murky. Now you’re standing in the middle of a plateau and the uncertainty of the road ahead is wearing you down… And frankly, the thought of every broken promise to yourself is hanging over you each day that you don’t make it happen.

How many times do you have to conjure up a way to psyche yourself into another start?

How many more times do you have to ‘figure it out on your own‘? And how many more bumps against the reality of ‘no one has this sh1t figured out completely yet‘ do you have to survive!

There are no signposts or user manuals for this new territory. And it seems you’re always trekking it alone. At the mercy of the info available online, and the next health, mindset, or psych guru who manages to ‘scream‘ the loudest about the latest new, best method they’ve discovered, that will ‘definitely‘ solve all of your issues at once… forever!

And herein lie the three critical failure points of most everyone’s self-evolution efforts:

We know we don’t need more info on what to do!

In fact we need a way to take in less. A way to create clarity from the chaos. To discern who and what we should take seriously, to inform our next step/s.

We don’t need more and newer methods and tools – more things to do. We need to do less with more impact, lower energy cost, and more joy in the journey.

Information overload is real…
It’s heavy, corrosive, and sticky – like molasses.

We know the band-aid, one-size-fits-all-solutions don’t work.

That plugging-up one leakage point, only buys us time until we spring the next leak in a system that’s still harbouring a root fault.

It’s why we must approach ourselves from the inside – start at the root. Bother to get the self-understanding to enable us to see our struggles more objectively, and to cultivate the compassion for ourselves, and

“do unto ourselves the way we’d do unto our best friend!”

That’s the missing piece of the self-optimisation puzzle.

That’s the crying shame!

Well-meaning creators of wellbeing solutions are glossing over this ‘tiny nuance‘ between the success and failure of your self-investments.

The ‘tiny nuance‘ of taking the time to understand how you do your best, what gives you joy, and what you would voluntarily put effort in for the right pay-off.

Designing your best life that way becomes an adventure :o)
It enrols your curiosity, gets your deepest emotional buy-in,
and delivers results well beyond your wildest dreams.

That’s what makes the journey enjoyable.

But it’s nearly impossible to create such understanding and relationship with yourself in the digital automated format of an online course, or even a book. These are mediums detached from human touch-points and compassionate just-in-time enquiry.

Because it’s hard to scale one-on-one attention effectively. And it’s much easier to sell to our human nature – our love for the quick and easy.

This gives a lot of leeway for one-size fits all solutions. So they keep making them… and we keep buying them, completely ignoring the advice we’d give a good friend:

you can’t keep doing the same thing, and expect different results!

But the fact remains:

The strongest most satisfied players of life
learn to know, respect, and care for themselves the way they
would care for their dearest friend.

They surround themselves with the strategies, tools and the people that align with their true north. So that when the going gets tough… they have someone in their corner to be their objectivity barometer – their human GPS.

Because life is a journey you can’t enjoy alone.

Admittedly this final ‘secret‘ of the self-optimisation puzzle is loaded at both ends.

We humans are social animals on every level.

The you you are now is defined by the people you most associate with (you’ve heard the expression: you’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with).

The joy you get from how you show up in life will be stoked or smothered by your closest, most frequent interactions. Your social environment is the single most defining factor for how satisfied you are with your life.

Which begs the question:

Who’s defining your subjective life experience right now?
Is your fire for life being stoked or doused by your social setup?

To deepen the significance of how social you are to how well, with how much gusto you show up each day, why not list out the five people who you’re most in contact with?

Right now – on a blank page. It’s a quickie…

When you’re done and you look at your list – what does it say about where you are at present?

Because your emotional patterns, and therefore, your perceptions and how you experience reality are directly influenced by your interactions within your social circle. Literally – you strengthen connections in your brain, according to how you interact with others!

To be clear – I’m not implying you should ditch your friends (or family). It’s not that simple. I’m merely pointing out the value of having the right people along with you for the endeavours that matter to you.

That’s how you set yourself up for success, before you’ve even put a foot forward.

A foot forward on the journey of life.

A journey: not a one-off set-it-forget-it-and-reap-the-results-forever-after kinda’ effort. It’s not a project with a start and end date.

Not a project for which you could clear your schedule once, so you get the ‘job‘ out the way, then get back on with your life, back into ‘normal‘ but with all the new benefits tagged on.

It’s not that easy, unfortunately.

A life worth looking back on takes a lifetime to create.

That’s the beauty of it. That’s the point of living it. And unfortunately, that’s the piece we have the most trouble internalising and making our peace with.

And until we do – we fight the war between where we’re at, and where we know we could, and should, and want to be…

What if…

… a very simple re-frame can make this seemingly hard journey of self-optimisation engaging, rewarding, and dare I say – enjoyable and fun?

What if just as if you’d waved a magic wand, you could dispel all your past non-wins (just in case the word failure is negatively loaded for you)?

What if you waved that wand and instead of looking at this
self-optimisation challenge as a task, project, and hard effort,
you looked at it with curiosity and wonder?

Like you looked at a white fluffy bunny for the first time as a child: with wonder, buzzing with excitement, and joy for the discovery you made? Full of energy for the next step that’s about to unfold in front of you…

You still have that curiosity in you – now!

It’s always been there, and will never leave you. But you have to get to know it and just like with a child, hold it gently with openness, compassion, and love. Call it out to play and just observe without judgement.

Nurture your ‘budding‘ curiosity until it grows into a sparkling fountain of energy, and unstoppable zest for life. A contagious desire to be, do, and feel more – to live on top of your game.

Speaking of which – are you game for me showing you what I mean instead of just talking about it?

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P.S. Stay curious. Never lose your colour & shine…