How We Can Work Together

I see this happen all around me, almost on a daily basis. And it hurts on a very personal level…

Smart, amazing people pining after a pipe-dream, stuck for months (and often years). Promising themselves to make that change, but never being quite ready to get it done.

Not living their best life!

And I know, that last sentence can be so vague that it might rub you up the wrong way (if you’re anywhere as sceptical as me)… so what I mean by that is:

  • if you’re not full of energy EVERY day;
  • if you’re not at your peak focus when you’re doing the work you love (or the work that gets the bills paid);
  • if you wake up tired, or even worse – you dread going to bed, because you know your sleep is shit;
  • if every work day feels like you’re not coming up for breath, yet your business is at the same level, or moving along almost imperceptibly (meaning your productivity needs fixing);
  • if you’ve heard that how you start your day is how it’s going to stay, but every time you’ve even tried to think of a Morning Power Routine, you’ve not gone past the “wake up and have coffee” stage…

Then YOU are not living your best life!

And that’s OK, if you feel you won’t have any regrets when your time’s up… But let’s face it that’s not you – right? You and I are alike in the way that we love our work. We do what we do, because it contributes to the world.

And that’s exactly why it hurts me so personally to see that the very lifestyle we work our buts off for, is alluding us because we just never get going!

We never get unstuck.

Or we only do so when it’s too late (read when diabetes is diagnosed, or when a heart attack catches us off-guard).

But all it takes is deciding on the ONA (One Next Action). Then getting on with it.

You don’t have to have all the answers.

You don’t need tons of extra time – most things you can squeeze in – you just need to know how to.

You don’t have to read all the information on the topic.

You don’t have to know the best expert and get them to mentor you.

You don’t even have to know where to start.

You just need the ONA!

Then you need to get going. As soon as you get going, the next step will become clearer. And the next, and the next…

Before you know it you’re exercising every day with gusto. You’re eating healthy. Your life is transformed. Trust me – in this day and age the one sure-fire way to make permanent changes for the better is in small incremental steps. The Kaizen way :o)

Hey — one thing’s for sure: life is relatively short.

So how much longer will you keep promising yourself to make that change? How much longer will you let that one thing hang over your neck, hovering at the back of your mind like a killer in the dark?

A year from now, will you wish you had started today?


So if you feel you need that extra push. Or you just want someone to hold you accountable. Or you feel you have a special skill or habit you just can’t get unstuck with, and you need my personal attention.

Whatever your challenge – let’s look it over and help you move towards your goal.

Have a look at the options below. Pick the one that’s the most appropriate, then email me via my Contact form.

Tell me a little bit about why you feel you need my help, and we’ll take it from there.

Here’s How I Can Help You

1. The Immersion

If you’re the personality that would like/need the ongoing long-term support.

Most of my time is spent helping our TLB Tribe. We are a group of like-minded business owners fixated on getting the right shit done consistently. The right shit in our business and personal lives – because we strongly believe that the two are inseparable.

So if you want to join a group of dedicated and hard working smart entrepreneurs who are ACE-ing their business and their wellbeing that’s where you can find me.

We do monthly challenges, we network, and everything else our business and lifestyle requires to run at optimum.

You can find out more about the TLB Tribe and if it’s for you here.

2. The Quick Fix

If you’re the independent, DIY type. And you feel you need my attention in an hour consult to give you clarity on a single problem you want to get unstuck on in your life.

You get a specific Action Plan, and a full recording of our conversation. You can take these and implement things on your own terms.
–> $300/hour

3. The Go Getter

Say — you want to know where to start “cleaning up house”. And to get yourself started into your new routine.

1 month guided experience with me = 4 hourly sessions, spread out as you need them (within that month).

This Experience comes complete with an accountability “whipstick” (by moi), and fine-tuning tailored specifically to your needs. Plus you get full access to my bespoke help sheets.
–> $1,000.


As usual – if you’re at all unsure about the most suitable option for you – shoot me an email — we can look through your challenge together ;o)

Have an awesome day!

Anita Chaperon
Be happy. Be you.

Anita :o)
personal change catalyst