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No. It’s not just jewelry…

Jewelry has been with humanity since day one. When you think that some of the oldest tools in archeological finds were bead carving tools (even before tools to cut food), you can start to understand that the jewels we choose to adorn ourselves with, are and always have been important.

Our jewelry’s always had power.

Throughout history we’ve used jewelry to show our wealth, to stake belonging, to declare love, or to keep memories close by. Their beauty and sparkle always holding meaning. The meaning – always in the eyes and heart of the beholder.

A new piece can excite in so many ways. But mostly it, has catalyst properties. It affords its wearer a visual, tactile or auditory reminder of the sentiment it was aquired with. You can’t help – but feel its affect…

But you’ve probably heard all this before.

What you might not know is that because of the way your human brain is wired, this projected sentimentality makes your jewelry the perfect Trojan message delivery vehicle.

Once you see it – you can’t walk away and forget it.

Now each time you lay eyes on the jewelry your mind automatically recalls its importance. That same Trojan quality is what makes your jewelry the perfect Superpower activator and reminder to live in your full colour and shine.

Sure, you can choose a piece just for its beauty. I’m not suggesting you stop. But on occasions that matter, it can be so much more powerful.

What if you chose it for more than its beauty?

Imagine this…

You’re a relatively happy, reasonably satisfied with life person. But it’s become salient that the more you do, the less you notice in your day. So you decide you want to be more present more often. To notice more.

Sure, you can set an alarm to check-in with yourself on the hour (that sounds like fun…). Or you can resolve to just be more aware (that would last a whole of 3 min before life whisks you away with its importance…). And you could journal about it, or keep a daily tracker…

All good ideas. All require quite a lot of effort (I know from experience with myself and clients over the last 10 years). Behaviour change needs work. Often hard work.

On the other hand (intended pun coming right up) — you could choose a ring with a dangling stone. You imbue it with its magic powers (i.e. you decide that):

“Each time I feel the stone dangling on my finger, I’ll pause an notice the moment I’m in. Nothing more – just become aware of the dangle — take a breath — notice the moment. Done.”

Now — remember I said this trojans right into how your brain is wired?

  • You took a totem (the dangly ring) symbolising your intent.
  • You assigned your ring as a meaningful visual and tactile queue for something that matters to you (this part is critical).
  • As a result, your reticular activating system (it’s a thing) will now almost automatically tap you on the shoulder in response to a tap from the stone of your ring. I said almost automatically, because you’d still need to remember to wear the ring!

But you see how much easier and more fun this way of changing your behaviour is than, say, an alarm asking you if you’re more aware right now…

Your jewelry for personal power.

I’ve been leveraging this method to change all sorts of mind states, mindsets, and even the meaning I draw from situations. It’s a fun, subtle, but powerful reminder (through beauty).

Now that’s my mission here at Anahita.

Through my jewelry I share how you can have fun showing up in your full colour and shine. How you could use your jewelry as more than a fashion statement or a thing of glimmer in your eye. You can use it to intentionally build more meaning and joy into your days.

I’ve been a behaviour change coach for a long time. I’ve tried most methods out there. They all have a time, a place, and a person they work for. This is a nuance. This can be your secret superpower activator. Like your private Batman signal. Because unlike jewelry that spells a word, your mind can’t go blind to this method. It’s too deep to ignore.

I invite you to play a little game today:

When you browse through the Anahita collections, let yourself feel into what you see. Look at the beauty, and FEEL the way it affects you. I’ve tried to give you 3 ideas to explore what you find. But you just go with your intuition and have fun.

When you find a piece you resonate with, gift it to yourself.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me – I’d love to hear from you. And when you and your chosen totem meet up – please post me a photo, or write to tell me how it makes you feel.

I hope to see you again. I hope you’d use this method even if not with one of my Anahita pieces.

Because as much as I love making my pieces (each like a child to me). As much as I like selling. The thing I want the most is to give you a fun, beautiful and powerful way for you to intentionally create more colour and shine in the fabric of your life. We only get this try (that we can be certain of :o)

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