Discover Your Core Value Drivers

The Hidden Filters Your Mind Uses to Direct Your Attention

Knowing yourself and living in alignment with what you stand for is one of the best paths to a true sense of life fulfilment and joy.

But knowing yourself is a broad topic. An education that takes time.

Now since I’ve offered to share with you a sample of what’s possible, here is a quick and easy (but not passive) way of short-cutting this process (a little) through the Core Values Quiz

As the name suggests – by completing this quiz, you’ll discover some of your core values. Your mind already uses your existing values and beliefs to discern what is important to pay attention to in your environment moment to moment. By discovering some of them, you get at least a little insight and control over how you go through your perceived version of reality.

Because most of us have little insight into how our mind decides on the values and beliefs we function by. Imagine an iceberg: what you’re aware of is a very small part of the whole structure.

The majority of what drives our perception of reality is under the surface – often instilled on us by our experiences and the environment we’ve lived in on our journey through life. Every interaction with a physical, chemical or human context has created meanings. Meanings we now live by and react to mostly on autopilot.

Unless, of course, we do the work.

Doing the work = taking the quiz = 10-15 minutes in total.

Once you’ve got your initial 2-3 core values, I’ll share a simple practice to use your newfound ‘gold‘ to shape your intention (attentional intent).

These self-defined values will help you zoom-in on what in life is likely to make you happy or upset. They’ll help align how you THINK, FEEL, SPEAK, and DO – from a common integral YOU-point.

They’ll guide you to your most authentic expression, giving you clarity, purpose, and an easy way of saying NO to the things that don’t light you up and move you toward your overall aim.

Most importantly – they’ll keep you present on your journey.


Then grab a piece of paper and let’s start here this won’t hurt a bit ;o)


P.S. Stay curious. Never lose your colour & shine…