Q4: Turn your value into an intent

Now you have your 3-5 top core values listed in order of priority for you in this moment in your life – remember things will change and shift as you go through different phases – and so would your top values. 

You should pick one of those to turn into an actionable intent that you could focus on as a start.

This step can be as easy as just looking at the top 3-5 values and going with the one that feels most like a priority for you right now. Sometimes we just know.

Or if nothing jumps at you, or all of them feel urgent at the same level of intensity, then just ask yourself which feels like:

  • the most urgent at the moment – one that if you implemented it right now will give you most return on effort invested?
  • the easiest to act on?
  • the one you’re most likely to take action on consistently at the moment? Bearing in mind your commitments in real life.

The cross-junction of these 3 qualities should give you your starting value.

Now – let’s turn that value into an actionable step – or what I call your Intention Statement.

So – say we take my “buzz” value in the short list I came up with. For me that represents anything that’s joyful and creates positive excitement/emotion. If that was my #1 chosen value, my intention statement would be worded along the lines of:

I commit to embrace my BUZZ value by paying attention for and noticing any opportunity to fully enjoy joy-giving moments in my daily life. When I notice an opportunity to feel BUZZ – I will non-negotiably embrace the joy that moment offers, either by smiling, or thinking of an exciting version of the event, or by thinking of a way to add more joy to it

SIDE NOTE: At this stage – it would be useful to sit and think a little deeper about the ways you could meaningfully and playfully turn an opportunity to joy/BUZZ. Just as a way of prep.

Does that make sense to you? 

Your actions for this step:

What core value did YOU pick?

How would it look as an intention statement that expresses unambiguously how you intent to honour that value in your day-to-day REAL* life? (*your life as it is at the moment, not in some ideal scenario one day)?

Write down that intent in 2-3 succinct sentences.

Next – we’re back to Step 2 in the Tiny Little Actions method to polish up that intent. 

Note: If you landed on this quiz without first working through Step 1 of the TLA Method, make sure you start from the beginning

Then it’s time to add the “secret sauce” of fun and sparkle to our cocktail. Step 3 is my favorite part of the process, and it’s the one that’s missing from all other habit formation methods you might have come across. But it is optional :o)

If you need help with stating your intent...

If you’re a little stuck and you can’t string your Intention Statement cohesively around your chosen core value. OR you can’t decide which core value to pick, drop me a message via the special form below.

Let me know what you need help with and I’ll respond with some genuine suggestions. No automated replies.

NOTE: It’s worth mentioning here that by using the form below you’re NOT signing up to or opting-in for anything other than the help you ask us for. The form below is here just for you to get unstuck, because we know that a lot of us tend to over-think this step, or we feel we should do all at one – which makes it hard to decide.