Part 3: Clarify the meaning of each Value

Pick your top 1-3 values. Synthesise each into a 1 to 3-word phrase. And if possible – ideally, you should be able to give each value a single descriptive word.

Choose words that you can identify with effortlessly (even if under stress). Or as Michael Gervais frames it: you should be able to recall them under gunpoint in the middle of the night…

Don’t overthink it. There’s no right or wrong way of deciding. Different words will create different emotional responses in different people. So let your instinct decide on the final words.

It’s key that these words create emotions that are directly associated with what they mean.

Now take each one and write down a sentence to signify CLEARLY what the Value represents to you. This way you can make sure each time it’s the same.

You’ll know you’ve got your core value drivers right if when you read them through, you FEEL them as a part of you. As if they’re an arm or a leg you can’t do without.

When you’re done here, come along to the final step where I’ll share some of my values, and will show you how to use these values to rewire what your mind sees as important in your daily reality.

Your actions for this step:

  • Pick the top 1-3 values, and synthesise each into a 1 to 3-word phrase. Ideally, one word that you can identify with effortlessly and with emotion.
  • Describe each value with a sentence that captures its true essence.
  • BONUS POINTS: add a doodle or an image that represents and enhances the meaning of your chosen value.

Now – we’re off to the final step in this process.

P.S. Stay curious. Never lose your colour & shine…