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I’m creating a free path (when you join my newsletter), where I’ll externalise my entire process of self-design as a Craft. In a series of email chats, you’ll get to walk through the whole process sequentially with full transparency.

I’m doing this now because I want to structure my method into a program that can help people in a self-paced way – as opposed to having to wait to be able to work with me one-on-one. It will allow me to help more people get unstuck in their own style.

You can be a part of helping shape their experience by coming along.

Doing the work that resonates for the context of what you need, and sharing your experience as we move through the 5 steps: Discover; Understand; Experience; Decode; Own It.

We get to co-shape and co-create our mutual experiences. You can drop out any time, I only want your input if you’re finding value in what I share.

I can guarantee you I’ll be showing up. And I can tell you this Quest will be unlike any other you may have been on in your self-design efforts.

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Team up with me to help you achieve your self-design goal/s:

I aim for a bespoke and individually tailored solution in every case. The goal is to find you the most efficient and effective route from where you’re at now, to where you want to be.

A lot of this relies on working on the right problem worth solving at this time (R.P.W.S.R.N), which is why I always start with a 15-minute free call. This allows us both to see if we can and should work together (my style is not for everyone, and I’m sure you’d like to know I’m the right fit for your goals ) And what may be the right/optimal course to solution.

I can work with you one-on-one or if you have a group/team of people you want to bring along – we can figure that out too.

Either way, let’s meet and talk about what you need first – that will dictate the next steps.

Here are some ideas of what I can help you get started or get unstuck with in a one-on-one or a group setting:

  • start or change most habits, mindsets, or behaviours;
  • become more present and deepen your mindfulness through practices like meditation, breath work, journalling, establishing an effective Morning Power Routine, etc.
  • create practices around dealing with most negative (Doom) loops – anxiety, overwhelm, negative self-talk, fears, self-sabotage;
  • improve your focus, energy, and productivity;
  • improve your sleep;
  • create and hone a set of breathing practices as the ‘Swiss army knife‘ for a better life;
  • start regular exercise and movement practices that suit you and your life – to not just get you physically fitter, but to amp up your mental prowess too;
  • start to eat more healthily in a way that suits your unique disposition – and gets you excited about the food you eat;
  • understand and use bio-metric wearables – not just as a bunch of stats to look at, but in a real actionable way that supplements your good life;
  • understand yourself better – your innate blueprint of values, beliefs, traits, and M.O.s, and create and leverage your Self Map to live in alignment with your values. Experience less friction, more meaning, and joy in your life;
  • create or overhaul your optimal work-life-rest-play setup to help you thrive;
  • understand how your mind creates your version of reality each moment, and leverage that to rewire behaviour loops you wish to change.

Now – over to you. Use this link to find a suitable time for us to talk, and let’s get you moving toward your goal :o)


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