What to do with your IDEAS…

… so you can overcome the “catch-every-shiny-object” syndrome and your FOMO, without actually missing out on the ideas worth chasing.

Regardless of what you use to manage your daily to-do/s or your planning for business and life, create a project/section/page/note called IDEAS. Dump everything that doesn’t fit into your current planning period in there.

Don’t think about the idea. No need to analyse it. Just get it out of your brain, and leave it until you have to plan for the next period. Keep a reference link and some explanatory thoughts if it makes sense, but leave it after that.

Thing is — by the time this planning period is up, priorities and thought processes evolve. You may find some ideas completely irrelevant when you come back to them. That’s also because some ideas seem great, because of the CONTEXT in which they were conceived.

Ever had an AMAZING wine in a restaurant. Taken down it’s name so you can buy and have it at home. Only to find it underwhelming the evening you crack it open in front of the fire in your living room?

On the counter-side — if when you look back on an idea it seems even more compelling than before, you KNOW it’s worth at least thinking it through.

Final thought — you can apply this methodology to just about anything in life that may classify as a shiny object diversion: new friends, new clothes, new books, new food, new cars, new habits etc…

If you love something, set it free. If when you come back to it you’re still in love — then MAYBE, just maybe, it’s worth loving it enough to pursue 😉

Harsh – but FAIR!

Meet the Author

Anita Chaperon