The 7 Rules of Engagement for a Healthy Long-term Relationship With Your Healthy Lifestyle

… or the 7 rules health gurus won’t tell you about, that will make your relationship with your health a prosperous and everlasting adventure.

Yeah – ok :o) I’m done trying to make this sound like an unmissable episode of MacGyver.

Truth is – it’s much more important than that. Plus I already have your attention right…

So what I thought would be of use to you, is for me to share the lessons I’ve learned over the last 20+ years of being healthy, that no one ever told me about. And frankly I’ve not seen covered anywhere else…

The lessons without which, you can’t have peace of mind and be healthy at the same time. You’ll always be compelled to fall back into your old habits. It’s why people fall off the diet “wagon” over and over.

I’ll be as brief as possible.

When you’re done here – I know you’ll have questions. So just fire away in the comments below. I’m waiting…

1. There is no panacea.

Please internalise this statement. Because it’s valid not just for health issues. It’s applicable to life.

Stop torturing yourself with the quest for THE ONE SOLUTION (gadget, supplement, food, tactic, phrase, method) that will fix everything… FOREVER!

The sooner you understand that everything in your health is a result of complex interactions that have multiple “tentacles” reaching and reacting with other multiple systems – the sooner you’ll stop expecting to do the work once and be done. Which ultimately means – you’ll have less disappointments when you eventually discover the truth. And you’ll actually enjoy yourself more.

It is such a relief when you accept that that next new thing you’re experimenting with, may solve a few things, but is NOT the answer and end all to everything.

Take the example of the infrared sauna I am trying to get delivered to my home. It holds the promise of stimulating collagen production. Which holds the promise of less sports related pains and a youthful beautiful looking skin. BUT I know that I can’t just rely on that and forget that I also need to eat right. Sleep tight. Manage stress consistently… and so on.

This is just a very nice piece of the overall beautiful skin puzzle.

2. Your health is a moving target.

A series of bio-experiments.

This stems off nicely from my first rule: Your body changes every day. What works now is almost certainly going to change in some way over the years. So don’t get too attached to any one formula.

Make sure when you find what works – you enjoy it – deeply and totally.

Then when something else breaks don’t freak out. KNOW it’s part of the “game”. Take it as a new fascinating challenge. An exciting opportunity to UNLEASH your inner health detective. Another opportunity to prove you can find the solution. Enjoy winning some of the battles some of the time :o)

3. What gets written – gets remembered… and measured.

Yes – imagine – if you’re going to consistently be trying and implementing new things, the only way you’ll be able to recall, or evaluate what worked, what didn’t, why, and when, is if you write it down.

I GUARANTEE you will not remember what you did today to clear your chronic rhinitis. Not even in a week. Especially not when it comes to measuring results, and the context in which you got them.

4. Bother to get to know yourself and use that knowledge to get leverage on yourself.

It’s the only smart way to make things easier. It also goes hand in hand with writing things down. It’s the only way to learn, evolve, and grow your health knowledge.

If you understood how you learn best – wouldn’t that be helpful when you’re tackling a new topic?

If you knew how you cope with change – wouldn’t that be useful to rig things in your favour when creating new habits/behaviours?

If you knew what situations freak you out, and you had a plan for dealing with those stressors in order to mitigate their effects on your adrenals. Wouldn’t that cut down the hefty toll that stress would have on your health?

You get my point…

5. When it comes to complex health issues: you must look at the symptoms and the causes as potentially related, AND as potentially UNrelated.

Because if you fail to explore either one of those scenarios – you’re not doing your detective work properly.

You’re making assumptions. And you’re potentially blind-siding yourself into not exploring all the viable avenues of resolution.

Ultimately, you’re missing the REAL issue, and ending up circling around it – never getting the chance to fix it.

Rules 5 & 6 go hand in hand…

6. ALWAYS treat the symptom AND the cause at the same time.

Treating the symptoms provides temporary relief from how the problem manifests.

Addressing the cause/s at the same time, ensures that you’re not just chasing your tail…

You know – like those super cute doggies on YouTube. The ones with the stumpy tail that chase it forever. Going round and round in a quest to catch & scratch that itch. It’s very exhausting just thinking about it :o)

7. There’s no “knight in shining armour”.

Sorry :o(

I left this BIGGEST TRUTH for last, because it will really change how you do things for your health, the health of your family and even your pets.

But don’t look on this statement as a sad and negativistic outlook on a bleak lonely future. Let it empower you and short-cut failures due to an expectation of others having your best interest.

Understand that the only person who is going to give a shit enough to “save” you from anything is YOU.

Your mommy still loves you. Your partner will still provide a shoulder to cry on. Your doctor will perform that procedure and genuinely do their best.

BUT – the only one who will make sure things are done to standard, and a solution is found – that’s you, you, you and only you.

So take solace in the fact that you have some control. Educate yourself. Embrace the role of your own fiduciary.

Show up for yourself the way you’d expect your closest people to show up for you.

And here’s a useful reminder:

Psychologically – you always have a choice: You can choose to be the victim. Or you can be the victor.

Either option has a place/purpose. And the choice is only yours.

The latter, gives you an opportunity to solve this problem. The first can be very soothing momentarily. Use them wisely :o)

So now you know!

You’ve been made privy to what I’ve learned from the years and years of health quest I’ve been on. I share these not to scare you into an “ignorance is bliss” mentality. But to give you an unfair advantage into cutting through the masses of bullshit you’ll read about health over the years.

Because the moment you internalise these 7 Rules of Engagement when it comes to your health, that’s the moment when you truly give power to yourself and take control of your own state of being.

The double whammy here is that having understood, internalised and practiced the rules – you’d be able to teach them to your friends and family to help them build their own lasting health practice too.

Now it’s your turn.

What questions come to mind as you were reading?

What was the most painful to hear?

Which rule do you feel will liberate you the most?

Anita Chaperon
Be happy. Be you.

Anita :o)
personal change catalyst

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