Morning Power Routines – is yours working you, or are you working it?


MPRs (Morning Power Routines) are the current hot topic in the business world. And rightfully so. I’m the first person to stand up for variety and ad-libing life, but in my MPR I believe ;o)

So when James suggested we oust the best way to form a powerful morning routine – I was super excited. Not only is the topic something I’m very passionate about, but James is a VERY skilful host – absolute pleasure to be in his capable interviewing hands.

My biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to fit in everything I wanted to share with you about how to create an amazing Morning Power Routine. But we did a 3-part series so it’s all there.

I’m very excited to share these episodes with you, because they’re practical and totally doable. If you’ve been pondering on creating your own routine, or just wondering if your existing one is good enough, you’ll find your answer in one of the three episodes.

We literally dissect the process and give you a few quick steps to get you set-up.

So go get yourself a nice cup of bulletproof coffee (or tea), and settle in for a treat :o)

And when you’re done listening, we would absolutely appreciate you sharing which one thing resonated with you the most? And what is something you do that powers you up for your best day?

Click on any of the episodes below to enjoy!

Power Focus Series Episode 1 – How To Create Your MPR



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