How Turning Challenges Into Games Can Play to Your Advantage for Life


So a few days ago my hubby and I were on the road to a lovely lunch. As usual – we were listening to a podcast from one of our favorite peoples (Tim Ferriss). This was an unlikely choice for me – Andre chose it. The guest was Jane McGonigal (twin sister of Kelly – I guess brains and compassion run in the family).

And they spoke about playing games…

But not so much in the conventional way. Jane uses games to help people get over trauma. To prevent trauma. To improve cancer treatment success rates. And even to recover from head injury.

Jane is so passionate about the benefits of games for our brains, you should listen to the interview to get the most out of her information.

The reason I wanted to share this, is because it’s so easy to use games to take you through tough moments. You can set yourself challenges and win in the process of doing hard and sometimes repetitive work.

Games teach you resilience. They train useful qualities in you with very little effort on your part. So the payoff is massive in terms of building skills in an easy and fast way.

Kids use games to learn about the world – why can’t we keep the game up? If it helps make things more fun and easier.

So, I won’t re-hash what Jane and Tim talk about in this excellent interview.

What I want to do instead is give you a few Action Traction Steps. Action Traction is where you get sh1t done! Get some use out of the knowledge you accumulate.

Action Traction

  1. Add just 10 minutes of play time a day of either of the following games: Tetris, Candy Crush Saga, Super Mario Brothers. You can do it whilst on the “throne”, or just before you close your peepers at night. I’m not fussy – do what works for you.
  2. Turn creating a new habit into a game for yourself. Let’s say you want to start exercising daily in some way. How can you make it more fun? What rewards and power-ups can you give yourself?
  3. Actually for the second point you can even sign up to Super Better – a game created by Jane and her team to help you play more with the serious things in life.

Let me know below what was the best part of the interview for you?

Also – what’s your favourite game, and what skills do you think it trains in you for real life?

Anita Chaperon
Be happy. Be you.

Anita :o)
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