How to Make Any Recipe Healthy & Keep it Tasty

Here’s the thing: it’s really really simple to give your body tasty food that’s also very nourishing.

It’s easy when you know how – right :o)

So here are my very simple to follow tips for turning any recipe into healthy nutritious fuel for your bod bod.

  • Sugar –> Xylitol – one for one – because xylitol doesn’t affect insulin and blood glucose = no sugar highs and dives.
  • Honey/Molasses/Agave/Any syrupy stuff that may pose as healthy –> Xylitol + water to make for the liquid bit – again, because xylitol doesn’t affect insulin and blood glucose = no sugar highs and dives.
  • Flour –> Coconut flour – one for one although be careful as coconut flour thickens things rather fast.
  • Vegetable Oils –> Extra Virgin Olive Oil (preferably organic, cold pressed, first press – one for one – because vegetable oils are bad for you. I wouldn’t use EVOO for any form of cooking though, especially anything higher than 180C/350F. For this see below.
  • Cooking oil –> I’ll use ghee/lard/beef tallow for any cooking, especially above 180C/350F. This is because of the different smoking points of oils and fats. Beyond their smoking point, fats are oxidised/damaged, which makes them one of the most poisonous things you can put in your body. Dare I say – even worse than table sugar…
  • Fats (margarine, low fat spreads, vegetable oils) –> generally swap for coconut oil/butter/cream/milk. Or ghee, beef tallow, full fat grass fed butter. These fats are healthier for you and actually help heal your gut flora, and burn fat as opposed to making you fat.
  • Cream or milk –> Coconut Cream – full fat one. If you like your cream and are not dairy intolerant – keep the cream but make sure it’s full fat and from healthy animals. Special tip: Use cream instead of milk in your coffee or tea. It’ll help you lose weight, but more importantly it lowers the insulin spike you get from mixing milk with either of the two bevvies.
  • Chocolate in baking recipes –> 100% organic coco powder + xylitol (to taste) + coco butter/butter
  • The best form of cooking is steaming, along with baking up to 180C/350F. If you fry – do it dry and low. Avoid deep frying, BBQing and anything else you can think of that’s not mentioned here.
  • This one’s probably not worth the mention, but just in case you missed the not-so-subtle-non-hints: when cooking keep it below 180C/350F, and adjust your cooking times accordingly.

Now – just in case you feel like making excuses for not taking action…

Consider the following points (and YES – this IS a rant from my soap box):

  • The only excuse for eating nutritionally sh1t food is laziness.
  • There is no lack of information and advice – and access to it is easier than ever.
  • There is no lack of reasonably priced fresh produce – including meats.
  • There is no lack of choice – hell no.
  • So the only two valid excuses I can think of are – lack of time, and deciding who to listen to. But for most of us, just following the basics and common sense of cutting out artificial sugar. Eating quality fats. Cooking from scratch. Eating fresh. This alone will take you miles into optimal health!

Heck this “sh1t” is so simple people have found a way to fit it on a credit card sized piece of paper.


… oh and another one here…


And for the “purists” out there…

I am over-symplifying here for the sake of lowering the barrier to execution. I am superbly aware that there are baking artworks out there that rely on precision. If you’re in the business of making cake art – keep it where you’re at. This is not advice for that.

If you’re even tempted to pick holes at the lack of specificity above, for the sake of delaying taking action – well… you’ve just been caught :o)

As for WHO you should listen to?


Learn to listen to your own body – it has all the answers you can use. It’s your only eternally reliable source of information.

Now it’s over to you: pick ONE of the swaps from my list above and commit to make it for the next 30 days. Do it. Learn from it.

Let me know what you discover.

Anita Chaperon
Be happy. Be you.

Anita :o)
personal change catalyst

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