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I’m just reading up on stomach ulcer treatments, and I’m finding a few interesting facts.

So I thought I’d share with you — just in case you have a friend or relative that’s suffering with the condition.

  • Most common cause of stomach ulcers — regular use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Like Aspirin.
  • Alcohol & smoking (which should come as little surprise).
  • Stress — but only when coupled with other causative things.
  • Not enough hydration.

What I find as really good news is that some cases of ulcers can be stabilized and cured just by upping the water intake of the person suffering.

Studies show that water is vital for the production of the mucus that protects your stomach walls from the acid it generates.

Also if you have to take aspirin as an anticoagulant, then consider (obviously by consulting your doctor) getting Nattokinase instead.

One more thing to keep in mind:

“Food allergies, especially to dairy products, have been found to be a primary factor in many cases of peptic ulcer.”

And the final fact that might shock a lot of you — prolonged use of antacid medications actually worsen the very problem they’re trying to mask…
BTW, if you or a loved one has a gastrointestinal problem, like a peptic ulcer or IBS, or heartburn, this is an incredibly detailed and helpful book to have. It describes the conditions, causes, and detailed treatment programs.

Gut Solutions: Natural Solutions To Your Digestive Problems

It’s not a cheap book, but the amount of times it’s helped my family… It’s definitely in my library ;o)

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