Be Yourself – Nobody Can Do It Better!

No one can tell you you’re doing it wrong either…

Or in the eternal words of Dr. Seuss:

“Today you are YOU, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is YOUer than you.”

But do you really know yourself?

And how do you know you’re being the true YOU?

This topic has been tossing and turning in my brain for a few weeks now. It stems from a personal peeve with people who scoff at any self improvement materials. Any health-related attempts.

When did it become wrong to work on your health and to want to optimise your well being? We have less stigma attached to smoking and drinking than to CrossFitting and daily exercise! WTF!

(*Yes I know it’s very “appropriate” that you see me swearing on the very first post I make… but heh, I might as well initiate you early right…)

But here’s the underlying thought to all this: it’s about time we all wake up and smell the coffee.

Life is beautifully dynamic, full of excitement and opportunities. And it’s also full of stress-inducing moments and activities. The air and our soil aren’t what they used to be. Toxicity and xenoestrogens aren’t the exception anymore – they’re the norm.

So yes, you can continue to scoff at looking after your body and mind, or you could at least take the first step to optimising your experience here.

We should bother to at least get to know ourselves. Bother to listen to our body. Understand that when it aches it’s meaning to tell us something’s not right. When focus is less than optimal, or you’re snapping at your wife for no reason – things are not well inside…

This is by far the most valuable knowledge we can develop for our health and wellbeing.

We should bother to understand that we’re a product of our internal and external environments.

A product of what we eat. How and how often we exercise. What we think. Who we surround ourselves with. The weather. The air we breathe… it all affects us in unique ways.

Heck – even if you just resolved to question everything you’re allowing into your mind – that’s a great start…

Stop with the all-or-nothing dieting. Stop with laying blame outside of your own decisions.

Start to take responsibility for how you move through your own life. There’s tremendous feeling of empowerment that comes from doing so.

This is where I choose to end my first post.

Not a very light hearted one – agreed. But there’s a reason for this. I wanted to set the tone right. To show you that if you expected another typical health and fitness, or self improvement type of blog. One that will regurgitate nutritional headlines, and talk about “10 things to do no to lose weight fast.” – then this isn’t it.

My posts here will be short, thought-provoking and actionable.

They may be controversial at times. They may, on the odd occasion, rub you up the wrong way. But they won’t betray your trust. They’ll always make you think for yourself. They’ll always leave you better off than when you came.

Speaking of actionable stuff then, here’s my challenge to you: start a journal. Today.

Do it the way it works for you. Paper. Evernote notebook. Text pad… whatever.

Write each day without exception. Write as little or as much as you feel like writing. Write about whatever comes to you on the day.

The payoff will permeate every part of your life. You’ll find things out about yourself. You’ll start to notice more about others. You’ll see the world around you in a different light (yes – you’ll actually slow down enough to notice the world).

Just commit to doing it for the next 30 days – no but or if…

Let me know what you discover :o)

And just as a bonus, here’s a video to put things even more on the right foot:

Anita Chaperon
Be happy. Be you.

Anita :o)
personal change catalyst