Hey – I’m Anita!

… good to meet you virtually :o)

You wanted to know a little about the “person behind the scenes“… and why anitachaperon.com exists, but since I find writing about myself weird, painful and indulgent, the stuff below will be as brief as possible. 

In essence:

My mission is to help you realise that taking care of yourself IS and MUST be a priority for you. That finding a way to show up how YOU want to show up in the world, can be fun, beautiful and simple.

And it can't wait for "the stars to align" or for your "schedule to be less busy".

The "right time" is right now!
You can start that change with just one tiny little action - the one that seems
most urgent for you at the moment. The rest will almost literally take care of itself.

That’s why I gave myself the fancy little title of Personal Change Catalyst.

Huh?! Yeah – I know – not a common one… but it essentially means that over the past 14+ years, I’ve been helping highly driven people (Creators like you and me) to figure out how to take the one next step towards creating the wellbeing results they seek and desire in their life.

I’ve helped them figure out how to change what they felt needed changing in their behaviour or mindset related to stress, health, fitness, business productivity (I umbrella all of these under WELLBEING) – whatever they needed to enjoy their life more, and for longer.

Because I noticed that us Type-As – when we want ‘better‘ for ourselves, we make plans to change. Our can-do attitude kicks-in and takes us on the path to finding our solution. And since we have unlimited access to unlimited sources of info on any topic we can think of, we dive right in.

But then reality sets-in too: we realise that everything that’s out there about habit change or creation, or mindset or behaviour optimisation – it’s all SUPER serious. It’s hard. It’s another full time job.

Of course there are some brilliantly simple methods already on the market, but implementing them still requires you to give up your day job (and your social life), just to focus on creating a better wellbeing.

You’re now facing the challenge to keep running your business (and your household) AND to become proficient in the art of habit creation, the stoic mindset, and don’t forget – to also become an expert psychologist, nutritionist, and a wellbeing guru…

And even IF you somehow manage to take all of that in, you try to change the whole LOT all at once.

You get the picture right! 

Eventually you realise you’re just making promises to yourself and not keeping them. As a result you sap your motivation and self-belief. At best you nibble at some changes begrudgingly. At worst – you give up trying.

Well – that’s why it’s a good thing there are ‘freaks’ like me.

Because I find all that behaviour psychology and habit-wellbeing-nutrition-and health stuff fascinating. It literally puts fire in my belly and I light up. I also intercept all that broad wellbeing knowledge with optimisation models, and productivity tools

I mix in ways for you to easily understand your natural tendencies when it comes to behavior change. How you already make shift happen naturally (cause clearly you already do some stuff pretty well). 

I show you how to discover these so you can leverage them when you need to

Then I also keep on top of the latest wearables that can help you with actionable wellbeing data in real time. Understanding of DNA’s role on your epigenetic expression and how it links to your nutrition optimisation. And a whole bunch of other broad-spectrum information and tools.

I learn about and test these ‘things‘ so that when you come to me with a problem worth solving, I can join the most effective and efficient ‘dots’ for you to give you an action plan.

That way you don’t have to know everything. You just focus on understanding how YOU do your best and your worst when it comes to behavior change. You focus on showing up each day to make it happen. Observe what needs correcting. The rest just needs time.

The bottom lines for you…

You can rest assured I have the broad-spectrum knowledge to help you find your optimal solution to most wellbeing behaviour or mind-state changes you have been wanting to make. 

So you don’t have to wait for the ‘right time‘, ‘the stars to align‘ or for ‘your schedule to clear‘.

Because that’s not how life works. 

The right time‘ never comes. Your schedule may clear for a day or two – but then all you want to do is chill a little. And you can wait for the ‘stars to align‘ for another lifetime, and still they’d be floating around haphazardly in the sky… 

The simple truth is that a life is designed in tiny incremental actions

No one EVER made a seismic shift in one go. Regardless of who they were, how much money they had, who mentored them, or how intelligent, desperate, wilful, resourceful, beautiful, or enlightened they might have been.

Small, relevant, urgent, and well leveraged actions – that’s your best bet forward.

Make these actions simple to understand, remember and do. Rig things in a way that fits those new actions into your life. AND make them rewarding and fun enough for you to want to keep doing them until they take hold as your new norm.

You wanted to know what the promise is here and what do I have in terms of knowledge, tools, and experience that can help you solve what you came here to solve?

You already know what my mission is (above). You’re free to explore the ‘promises’ here. And here’s how we could make that happen. And you can sample some of what I talk about either in the Action Ideas section, or here (link coming soon).

… I listened to your series with Anita Chaperon and decided I should be more proactive in some areas. So I bought a high-end inflatable kayak… LOVE IT! I’m also looking out for more people to do things with. Work in progress, but thanks for delivering the message in a way that converted.
A podcast listener who took action

And NOW a Few Quick-fire Bits if You're Still Here...

I’ve been on the wellbeing path for well over 20 years. But it was only in 2007 that things got serious for me. And I mean seriously personal. I had what was then diagnosed as a nervous breakdown and depression. 

Except I had nothing to be depressed about, and my Type-A-ness couldn’t find one ounce of evidence that I should be so stressed as to need “time off work” and antidepressants.

So I did what I do best: I started solving my conundrum. Fast-forward through some pretty intense learning curve, countless dead-end hypothesis, many pissed off doctor egos, and even more money spent on you-name-it-supplements, and blood, urine, hair, mucus, stool tests galore…

Well – I’m sure this is starting to sound like another of these well trodden hero’s journeys. But the bottom line is that I’ve taken the long, hard and lonely journey to sort out what turned out some pretty real and well hidden by my psyché stuff. For which I’m forever grateful. Because it’s got me here now. 

I’m a million times better, although whether I’ll ever be fully fixed is subjective (if you asked my husband of 20+ years he’ll probably tell you it’s impossible ;o)

But my journey has shaped my passion for solving wellbeing problems. And that’s what I’m offering to do for you. 

Over and above that I’m an efficiency junkie. A problem-solver. A lifelong learner, but more significantly a DO-er (secretly I’m also a dancer :o)

My guiding mindset stems from this famous quote from my favorite book The Little Prince:

It is with the heart that one sees rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

I’ve worn all the “hats” of a business owner for the past 13+ years co-running our business (and 14+ years in the health and wellbeing space).

I’m passionate about creating clarity out of complex topics and simplifying them to make them easy to “digest“.

I’ve been a graphics and prints designer (you already know that). A marketing and a project manager for legal tech companies in London. 

I’ve had the absolute adventurous pleasure of working for an online gaming company as their paid search advertising manager (many moons ago).

I’m a certified Tiny Habits and Bulletproof Coach (although I’m legally required to call myself Human Potential Coach for the latter).

… And I did get a Fitness Instructor’s diploma yonks ago in London.

.When I’m not at my bench or designing the one-of-a-kind Totems you’ll read about in the TLA Method — I sew, workout, SUP in the bay of Gibraltar.

And I LOVE food. I either cook, enjoy, or seek to find great and healthy, food that makes me happy (and naturally something good to drink with it).

But enough about me, me, me, me, me… I’m so glad you’re here — stay in touch (via the social icons in the header). 

And never downplay the significance of YOU — the amazingly complex breathing, feeling, thinking, dancing (or singing) system that you are.

Anita  :o)

P.S. Never lose your colour & shine…