The why, how, when… only ’cause you asked.

Hey – I’m Anita — the heart and hands behind the one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pieces of Anahita.

Jewelry Found Me…

I hadn’t planned any of this – despite being a very good planner of everything to that day…

I’d done a lot in life by the age of 40-ish (surely I can’t tell you my true age – I’m a lady). Frankly, as with a lot of things in my life, I’d been looking for someone to do a job for me: make me a set of pearl earrings with the 2 pearls I cherished the most. A gift from my mom. Jewelers I approached were not enthusiastic about my project.

So, after a lot of searching, I wondered what it would take to make my own…

Well, that sent me down a life-changing rabbit hole!

Here I am 5 years (or so) later and so deeply head over heels with the world I discovered that, frankly, there’s no going back.

Now I follow the mood and shapes and colours a design dictates. It comes into my head. It declares itself, then pulls me along to explore the “how the heck will I achieve this look?”.

And then I’m in (in my studio of course :o) Tinkering. Hammering. Shaping. Polishing. And all the other technical bits required of a diligent craftswoman with an eye for detail.

That’s how each piece you find in the Anahita Collections is born.

That’s why I do only one-of-a-kind pieces. That’s why I LOVE it when a piece finds its owner, and they both ride happily into the sunset… (metaphorically of course).

Oh – and that’s my excuse for the untamed eclectic mix of styles you’ll find here

But deeper still: my absolute mission is to help people see how jewelry is about the present moment of beauty. Because Beauty is truth. Truth is in the eye of the beholder, because it’s beholden by your perception. It’s unique to you. Filtered by your collective lifetime of experiences and meaning.

In that way – the jewelry you choose to wear can be a powerful catalyst to create the meaning you need or crave in your life at any given moment.

By making what I make, I ask you to allow yourself to just enjoy how your jewelry makes you feel. And if you choose – you can take that feeling and amplify it, leveraging your inner wisdom of what your soul (or psyche) needs at this moment. Allow yourself to apply the life-long knowledge of yourself you’ve acquired in every cell of you. To trust you are strong, beautiful, kind. You’re enough.

I hope at least one of my pieces makes you feel that way.

But if not – that’s ok too! In that case – I hope you will still find some other jewelry that inspires you to live in your true colour and shine! Because when you truly DO – that’s when you afford others the permission to shine too. That just makes more beauty in this world.

For that brave act – I thank you.
And thank you for being here – enjoy :o)

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