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Are You an Original?

So, we've just come back from the undoubtedly beautiful land of Switzerland. It was a few days, within a different world. A statement that sticks out in my mind is – this is no land of half measures…
Their country is amazingly beautiful. The weather – extremely hot (who would have thought, especially coming from Spain…). [...]


Ha! How our priorities change as we go through life…
Today's post, I'm afraid, holds no marketing value – but instead is a very selfish one.
I have thought about this topic often lately – in fact ever since we moved to live in Spain. When I first arrived in the UK about 9 years ago, all [...]


Warning: This post has nothing whatsoever to do with marketing, but I thought it was so hilarious that I just had to post it!!!
I've become a member of Facebook, through sheer desperation of looking for an old friend of mine (whom I still haven't found BTW). So in the process of looking for some other [...]

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