About me

Hey – I’m Anita. I’ll make an assumption that since you’re on this page, you want to know a little about me. So, here it goes…

A little about WHO I AM…

I’m 38 going on 20… alright, maybe 23. Female. Lived in 6 countries to date. Married – very happily, to a lovely man :o).

We’ve got 2 cats. One thinks she’s a dog (although has not tried to bark yet). The other’s a bit of a chicken.

Here’s where I don’t know how much more info to put in. How much is too much, right?

I’m a generalist by nature. But it took me a long time, and a lot of self judgement to come to terms with the term.

I, like many other people, grew up surrounded by the status quo – telling me that I had to find ONE thing I’m good at and become excellent at it. And then spend the rest of my life doing that ONE THING.

Every. Single. Day…

I guess that’s where the confusion (claustrophobia) set in. And intense internal panic signaled that my gut instinct wasn’t quite agreeing with all of this… status quo malarkey.

You see, I like to learn new things. I like to explore how they work. I like to put concepts together that no-one considered putting together before. I like to walk in, research the problem, explore the possible solutions, pick one, then BOOM! Just get things done!

I get bored easily. I like change. I like variety. I like to evolve and keep moving (the “Lived in 6 countries to date” part should have given that away)

So you see how the “find one thing and do it for the rest of your life” advice created a lot of conflict in me…

So through a lot of soul searching. Reading, experimenting, and listening to some VERY smart and compassionate people, I am now proud of being a GENERALIST! (we’re a rare breed it turns out :o)

And thanks to me being interested in so many aspects of health and wellbeing, I’m also very good at “eating an elephant” (figuratively speaking of course).

When presented with a challenge, I can look at the big picture and instead of getting overwhelmed, I can see the next steps required to make things happen. And that’s all you need to get going with anything in life – the next step.


Anyhooo. Speaking of the next step, let’s make it.

Here’s how my generalism can be of assistance to you, and perhaps, a friend or family member you feel might need assistance.

A little bit about WHAT I DO…

A generalist is a multi-passionate person. A person that knows a lot about everything within a specialist topic.

My topic is everything to do with the individual: health, fitness, wellbeing, and all the complex issues that fall within those three sub-categories.

Fitness and the human body have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I’m amazed by what we can do in terms of physical endurance, strength, flexibility, form…

At the other end of the scale, it’s astonishing to see how much punishment we can take from rubbish food (loads of it), and laziness (let’s not even talk about smoking or drinking…)

The human body is a fantastically complex machine.

But the human mind – THAT to me is the epicenter of transformation. Good and bad. It’s where you can make some pretty amazing stuff happen.

And then there’s the bit that defines EVERYTHING that happens to you inbetween the physical and the intellectual realms – Nutrition.

Yep, it’s astonishing how many people still don’t GET the connection between what you put in and what you get out.

We GET IT when it comes to our cars. If you put the wrong gas in – you know you’d better have your mechanic’s number handy for when things go pear shaped.

Yet for some reason – the nutrition – body – mind connection is a topic well left alone.

I genuinely believe that on a base level we all know we should “look after ourselves”. Survival is a human instinct!

I guess with all the information flying around, people get overwhelmed and after trying a few things to “get healthy”, the discomfort gets too much and they give up or give in…

But I know getting healthy and living a vibrant and alert life doesn’t have to be hard work. It doesn’t have to be boring. And it certainly doesn’t have to be a serious jobby.

For the past 17 and a bit years, I’ve lived with that conviction in one way or another. You can say I’m doing the experiential learning/living thing. A bit like my own experimental bunny really (apologies for the analogy).

I read, learn, test. Then I keep what works, and discard what doesn’t. Then I move on. Constantly expanding. Constantly making things better. Building and changing habits to enhance my own experience with life.

I’ve learned a lot about healthy living. But the thing that really GOT me by the heartstrings is how pliable we are as human beings.

If we didn’t want to change – no one could make us. My own brother for example, has looked after my dad through 2 strokes and an ulcer, but still doesn’t give up smoking or drinking…

And then there are those powerful human beings that against all odds, make astonishing things happen for themselves and for others.

It’s all down to our choices and attitudes.

The bottom line is: we’re not defined! The game isn’t over.

Just ‘cause you’ve never succeeded at making a change for yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t or you won’t. All it takes is desire and leverage. The know-how will find you almost as a consequence of finding the first two.

One of my favorite quotes says:

“Master of Mind NOT Mastered by Mind!”

Anyhoo… I digress a little…

How does this all HELP YOU?

Well, I have three propositions for you.

Read the book

Just over 5 years ago a feeling started brewing in me. A calling almost… To share everything I’m learning. I started to notice the difference my approach made to the people who were bothering to listen to my advice.

The real action-takers became on fire when they shared a problem with me and I offered them a different way of tackling things. An ease-into-it kind of way of making life better.

So after many iterations, my book came to life. It’s called Eat Well. Move Often. Make Happy.


And as you’d have guessed by now – it talks exactly about those three pillars of making your life better. It’s a short 40-ish page digital book. Followed by a bunch of super useful worksheets to help you take ownership of your health.

But it helps you do that unlike any other health-related book you might have come across.

It shows you how you can fit healthy habits into your existing lifestyle, one small Minimal Viable Effort (MVE) at a time.

The MVE concept is borrowed from the business world of Lean Startups. It’s the minimum viable effort necessary to achieve a task that produces 80% of the results you seek…

Why should you have to expand more energy than necessary?

Why not implement the most worthwhile habits first? The ones that will produce the most empowering and massive difference for you and your family. Then if you wanna fine-tune stuff – go ahead – you already know you can do it!

So my first proposition for you is my book. If it’s what you feel you need in your life – here’s where you can find out more.

It’s also a great way to get a feel for my style of approaching things that need fixing :o)

Which leads me on to my second proposition…

Join the club

If you’re a busy business professional. And you’re looking for a fast and easy way to make small changes to your lifestyle, for massive health results. AND if you also like my style… then join the club ;o)

The HabitHacker.club.

I started it specially for people like you and I. You’d love it.

It focuses specifically on empowering you to find a way to create massive changes in your life through small habits that give you the “most bang for you buck” – MVE (minimal viable effort) style.

But there’s a twist!

You see, you’re already doing a lot of things well!

You’re successful in your business right?

You’re already managing a great deal of tasks. So at the HHClub we’ll aim to discover the MO behind your existing successes. Then we’ll help you find a way to build new habits using your existing success MO. That way you get results with minimum resistance from your existing lifestyle.

That’s the way you’ll also minimize the willpower effort you’ve got to use to achieve a change. It’s beautiful…

It’s the Kaizen effect, cross the 80/20 rule, cross Lean Start-up Methodology => healthy habits with MVE.

If that sounds like a good proposition, go explore the HabitHacker.club here.

Get the know-how

Proposition number 3 goes a little like this: let’s say you read my book. And now you’re wondering what’s next. But you’re not up for the HabitHacker.club yet (or at all). Then this final option may be for you.

FitHappyHealthy.com is a blog I run on the general topics of health. What I’ve tried to do with it, is to give you unbiased view of some of the more important topics on health, fitness and mental wellbeing (as the name suggests).

The one promise I make here, is that I present the info in a way that allows you to own your knowledge. I strongly believe that for any knowledge to be useful to you, you must understand how it fits within your existing life.

Only then you can ‘bend’ it to serve you. Only then you can keep it permanently.

Another thing – even if you do nothing with any of my three propositions, promise me you’ll not waste time on things like diets and workout fads.

Make sure whatever you do undertake is helping you learn something. Make sure you can sustain it over the longer term if you’ll be putting in the effort to try it out.

OK, I can sense myself segueing into another rant on topic “diets suck”, so before this page gets unbearably long (uh-oh! too late?), let me sneak in my disclaimer ;o)

With all the stuff said, bear in mind I’m not a doctor. I’m in the trenches. I’m well versed on the topics of health and fitness. As far as long acronyms of degrees go, I just a certified fitness instructor.

What I’m saying is – read the info I share with you, but also be smart. Do your due diligence and consult your GP before you take any supplements. Or before you undertake any strenuous exercises I might suggest. There – disclaimer done!

Know one thing though: no matter where we cross paths, I don’t “beat around the bush” with my opinions – I do “truth with empathy”.

So if you’re of a sensitive disposition I’m afraid you’ll either have to toughen up, or find somewhere else :o).

I don’t do “kind” just to make you feel better – that doesn’t produce results for you. I say the things that will help you achieve your goals in life. Not the things you you want to hear.

Finally, I want to leave you with this beautiful quote from the Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery… which guides my life and helps me center myself in tough moments:

“It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

See you around.

“Be happy. Be you.”